Yearly Musculoskeletal Exams

As we age, our bodies naturally lose muscle mass and our nerves “slow down.” Our strength and power decrease over time. This can lead to balance problems, limited motion, difficulties getting out of the chair or bed, reduced endurance, and more. Weakness and deconditioning can lead to injuries and musculoskeletal problems, which will further accelerate reduced mobility and quality of life.

Gradual decline as we age is natural and unstoppable, but we can take steps to dramatically slow it down. The first step is an annual musculoskeletal exam. A trained physical therapist will conduct the exam, consisting of movement analysis, balance testing, and power assessment.

After the exam, your physical therapist will recommend a program to specifically address your needs. Movement deficiencies can be improved through corrective exercises. Balance training can aid balance issues, and other weak areas can be addressed by the appropriate means.

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