Sports Screening

APT provides a free sports screening for those injured in a sports-related activity. This initial evaluation/screening is done by a physical therapist to determine the severity of your injury and whether or not physical therapy can assist in your recovery. Should it be determined that your injury is more serious, you will be referred to your family physician, orthopedist or local emergency room or Medexpress/Urgent care facility for further diagnostic testing such as xrays, MRI, lab work, etc.

If it is determined that physical therapy is the correct course of action after your injury, a treatment program will be established to decrease the pain and inflammation and restore function to return to your desired sport/activity. West Virginia is a direct access state meaning that physical therapists can perform differential diagnosis, especially for musculoskeletal conditions. Physical therapists are able to determine if PT is appropriate for the patient or if the patient should be referred to their physician for further diagnostic testing.

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