Important Info for Providers

Refer your patients to APT for thorough, quality care with consistent, frequent reporting on their status to your office to ensure their recovery stays on track.

Send all referrals to:
Phone: 304.720.9185 – Fax: 304.720.9186

Want To Add APT To Your EMR System?

Our professional staff will coordinate with your staff to ensure that Advanced Physical Therapy is added to your Electronic Medical Record System’s referral database. Making future referrals simple! Simply provide us with your office’s contact details and we’ll do the rest!

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Facts About Advanced Physical Therapy

Appointments scheduled within 24-48 hours.

We provide frequent, professional communication with patients’ physicians.

Our goal is to get patients back to work and play on time. Our premier therapists go the extra mile to ensure patients are comfortable and cared for as they progress through treatment programs.

APT prioritizes educating patients throughout the treatment process. Paramount to efficient and sustained recovery, patients receive thorough and careful evaluations, comprehensive treatment programs and home exercise programs with the resources needed to prevent further injury.

We take most insurance, providing a hassle free experience.

Contact our clinic to discuss how our knowledgeable staff can help your patients’ recovery.

We schedule convenient appointments before & after traditional work day hours.
Monday – Thursday 7AM- 7PM, Friday 8AM – 1PM

Advanced Physical Therapy does a wonderful job of getting my patients back on their feet! They have a warm, compassionate staff, flexible hours, and they even provide a maintenance program to help patients continue to reach their exercise goals after completing treatment. They are my first choice when recommending a physical therapist!
Dr. Elizabeth Brown